Nicole and Tim Lawson

The Beginning of the Lawson’s Gluten-Free Journey


  • Arnulf Schrapp () Reply ·

    Dear family Lawson,
    with interest and great solicitousness I read the history of your illness and the solution of your problems. I congratulate you and I am glad, that you are now in a better condition. My question is: had you got a paresis of your stomac. I read it in your article. Is their probable a link between the gastroparesis and the sprue desease?

    I am suffering from a gastoparesis after a surgical treatment of my stomac. After a diet with a nutrition free of gluteen I feel better.

    Thank for your answer.
    With best regard,
    A. Schrapp (Cologne, Germany)

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      I do believe the paresis was a direct symptom of the celiac sprue. I am so glad you are feeling better!
      Thank you for your comments.
      Best regards,
      New Grains GF Bakery

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