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This Thanksgiving, we at New Grains are giving thanks for our loyal customers, and we want make your holidays extra special.  Use the code “Holiday17” to receive a 20% discount on your order!  And there’s more…

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One lucky random winner receives a free package of New Grains Croutons, loaf of sourdough bread, one package of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and one package of English Muffins! Winner will be selected 2 days before Thanksgiving
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New Grains Thanksgiving
Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

20% Off

The New Grains Multigrain Dinner Rolls are a fluffy indulgence with melted butter to complete any formal or casual meal. The perfect airy and moist  accent to your culinary creations

Gluten Free Croutons

20% Off

Our Croutons are seasoned with, The Secret of Life, butter, bullion, and spices, and then slowly roasted till golden brown with a crisp texture. Never again will your salad seem dull with the crunchy snap of the New Grains’ Seasoned Croutons!

Gluten Free Pastry Pie Dough

20% Off

Now making your very own delicious Gluten Free Pies has never been easier.  Just use our dough and create the master piece of your dreams!

Gluten Free English Muffins

20% Off

New Grains Gluten Free English Muffins bring the fun back into breakfast. They are chewy on the outside and moist and soft on the inside, perfect toasted with honey or as a breakfast sandwich

Gluten Free Sour Dough

20% Off

The New Grains Gluten Free Sourdough San Francisco Style Bread is an exclusive creation of New Grains Gluten Free Bakery. This culinary delight has a fluffy texture, a medium sour flavor, and a crisp tanned crust. This New Grains only bread, is made with our proprietary aged gluten free starter.

Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mi

20% Off

New Grains Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix is a proprietary blend of whole grain flours to allow you a more moist and consistent texture in your personal gluten free cooking. The perfect mix of flours and xanthan gum to create a moist, tasty creation. It makes baking easier as you replace one cup of our All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour Mix with white ‘regular’ gluten flour

Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Dough

20% Off

New Grains Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Dough allows you to bake fresh, warm gluten free sugar cookies at home! Make some frosting and have a fun time!

Cookie Dough

20% Off*

Make your own fresh, hot out of the oven, chocolate chip cookies!

Gluten Free Crepe Mix

20% Off*

New Grains Gluten Free Crepe Mix creates thin, pliable crepes just waiting for you to top with your culinary creations

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