• New Grains () Reply ·

      Hello Esther,

      Our vegan friendly products
      have no animal based products in them. They are prepared at the same
      station as all other products. (We have to meat products in our bakery)

      We don’t have a sound knowledge of what qualifies “Kosher” food. But we
      wanted to explain to you about our process so you could decide.

      Let us know if this is Kosher? Also please Let us know if you have any

  • Nash B () Reply ·

    I was recently diagnosed with celiac. So, I have just started eating all gluten free food. One of the things I was very satisfied with was the new grains bread, English muffin, cookies, and tortillas. I have experimented with many different brands of gluten free food. New Grains was the best gluten free bread I’ve had by far. Also, the gluten free tortillas were very good. But without a doubt my favorite were the bundle of cookies. The cookies were so good. Its very hard to find good gluten free food but all of the items I’ve listed were delicious. I also recommend toasting the bread or muffins before which makes the bread even better.

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      Hello Nash, thank you so much for your comment. We are so glad that you enjoyed the products… especially those cookies!

  • Terry Ann Whitby () Reply ·

    I want to thank New Grain for being there for people like me who can no longer eat wheat bread. Their sour dough bread is so fresh and good. I could eat it every day.
    Their staff is so helpful when you go in to purchase something.
    Thank you,
    Terry Whitby

  • pinkbowsandbling@gmail.com () Reply ·

    I met a girl while shopping for gluten free bread at the supermarket… she told me about a relative who had a gluten free bakery called New Grains .. she said that they had brought bread to the family reunion and it was amazing !! I put all the gluten free bread that was in my cart back onto the shelf because she SOLD me this bread on pure ENTHUSIASM and love for the products , especially the Hot dog buns… so that night I went home and made my order… I could not wait to try this AMAZING bread… my family ran to the door with anticipation and we ate half a loaf before it got to the kitchen… so we thought a gluten free bread that you want to eat right out of the bag???? Are you kidding we looked at each other and said if it tastes this good cold … imagine how it’s going to taste hot with butter..we ate bread for dinner LOL! oh the smell is like a warm blanket and it filled the air with delight … fresh as the day it was made !! Tasted like homemade and you couldn’t even tell it was gluten free … my husband said never buy any other bread from now on… so today I made my second order and we are going to be regular customers for life! Thank you for changing our life! Your bread has made life our life better brighter and more delicious!!! Ps sourdough is wonderful and my fave … this bread is heavy fulfilling nourishing and dense and it’s WORTH every PENNY!
    Love-The Bruce’s

    • Admin () Reply ·

      Thank you so much Bruce family for this touching story. We are so glad that people like you are able to enjoy our products. Thanks again!

  • Jane Potter () Reply ·

    We’re very interested in your products for our small New York City restaurant. We would need the product to be certified Kosher. Do you have a kosher certification?

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      Our products contain only Kosher ingredients. However we are not FDA certified Kosher, only self certified.

  • Bonnie () Reply ·

    As a diabetic, I am concerned about the tapioca and potato flour you use in your mixes as I try to avoid gluten free products with those ingredients as they raise my blood sugar too much. Do you have any mixes without them?

    • New Grains () Reply ·


      Unfortunately, all of our mixes contain at least one of the other type of flour, if not both. We do sell our White Rice Flour or Oat Flour if you wish to make your own bread products.

      New Grains

  • Brandis Senecal () Reply ·

    Love New Gains products! Especially the bread and Frosted Sugar Cookies. My last order the cookies were under the flour and mushed but they were still great.
    Thank you for making wonderful products!

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