Stella Fund

Today at noon 12/10/2015 a young girl 5 years old died after being hit by a pickup truck as she was leaving school. Little Stella was my little granddaughter and sweet as a little Angel. I was there when she came into this world. And I am so heart broken that I am still here when she left this life. Always a smile or a hug when she would come to see me and always always more before she left!!! Stella, I love you! She was taken so early!! God be with you Stella till we meet again on the other side my beautiful little Angel!! 

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If you would like to send your heartfelt thoughts or financial assistance with funereal cost you are welcome to mail it to I will be setting up a donation account at Zions bank Tomorrow that all funds and checks will be deposited in and then given to Stella’s parents!!!

Stella Ferrazzano
C/O Tim Lawson
766 E. 2950 N.
Provo, Utah 84604

OR you can donate through the New Grains website.

Choose your donation level that you are comfortable with. You’ll do this by entering in Quantity and then checking out on the checkout page. I am covering all the merchant fees so All (100%) of the proceeds will go to Giuseppe & Gisselle Ferrazzano for Stella’s medical and funeral expenses.

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Stella (middle) and her two sisters:

Click on this link here above to be taken to the Donation page. There you will be able to donate the amount you wish by adjusting the Quantity amount. Please call if you have any questions or concerns

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