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  • Gfy () Reply ·

    Good afternoon!
    My name is Chef Mayra. We are opening a Vegan hamburger and fries quick serve in las vegas. We are interested in your vegan GF hamburger Buns. What is your procedure to recieve samples? We are developing the menu we have 5 burgers. 4 are GF. … please advice ..
    Thank you very much.
    Chef Mayra

  • Michelle Damrell Hendricks () Reply ·

    Hello New Grains!
    We are a health food store located in Richmond Indiana interested in your vegan gluten free products. What is your protocol to receive samples of some of your vegan gluten free products.
    Please let us know as soon as possible.
    Thanks so much and have a wonderful weekend!
    Light & Love
    Nature’s Nook
    Loyal Yoga

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      We would love to send some samples out for you to try. You can give us a call toll free at 877-977-6443. Or direct at 801-980-5751.
      We will be waiting to hear from you!

  • Jennifer () Reply ·

    We live in Bentonville, AR, home of Walmart. Please get your products into Walmart!! There are very few places to shop here, aside from WM. There are a few health food stores, but they are an inconvenient drive and extremely overpriced. We NEED some decent gluten free bakery items here!

  • mary () Reply ·

    I read a review on the site about your bread. My daughters have both tried the Aldi GF bread.
    I was wondering if I could get two sample packs for my daughters to try. One lives in Dayton, Ohio and one lives in North Hampton, Ohio.
    If they like your products the one in North Hampton will differently try to get Lake Hope Lodge to serve your products. It is located in Ohio in Vinton County on Rt.278.
    Eric at Lake Hope server a really good GF pizza that she gets every time she is down there.
    She was getting some buns through a resturant in Springfield, Ohio but, the lady got in trouble for getting them in for customer to buy from them. She said the buns were really good. Now, she has to buy them buy the case off the internet just to get them. She is going to talk to Eric at Lake Hope about the buns.
    Do you sell buns in your brand?
    Thanks, Mary Catherine

  • Courtney () Reply ·

    I see that the pastry dough is for pick up only do you guys have recipes for that or something similar? I don’t live close enough for pick up.

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      Hello Courtney,

      Thank you for your question. Now that the weather is cooling down, we are able to ship it more successfully with ice packs. So we will change that until summer, when it gets too hot to ship.

  • domi () Reply ·


    I live in France
    Do you have a retailer in Europe or do you ship ? I am interested in the pizza and the tortilla ?
    How long do they keep ?


    • New Grains () Reply ·

      We do ship and all of our products are shipped fresh the day they are made but unfortunately because we do not use commercial preservatives our products would not survive the trip across the ocean and through customs. We do not, as of yet, have a location overseas but I’m glad you contacted us. It is fun to see how far we have reached. I pray you are well and have a safe and wonderful holiday season!


  • () Reply ·

    This is the third time I’ve ordered the gluten free breads. EXCELLENT taste. Thanks so much for making such great products.

  • Cheryl Gabourel () Reply ·

    My daughter and grandchildren are GF. I also have 2 friends who are GF. I usually order the raisin bread for them,however I discovered it on Amazon and found it so expensive to ship. I am very happy to see free shipping with a $45 purchase. I will be ordering treats for my grandchildren but I didn’t see the raisin loaves but I will look again. They love it.

  • () Reply ·

    Have you ever tried to make a gluten free rye style bread? I’ve gotten it online from three bakers and it was very tasty, but I think it would be better bakery style with a crispy crust. Rye bread is the thing I miss most since I’ve had to go gluten free. I’ve ordered the sourdough from you and it was very good. I think you’d make a great rye style bread! I’d order that by the case!!!

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      I am not sure if you are aware but rye has gluten in it. Wheat, Rye, some Oats, Barley, Malt, all contain the gluten protein.
      Thank you for your email,
      New Grains

  • MIchael () Reply ·

    Thank you for the wonderful Delicious Bread which I ordered thru Amazon the first time.
    All other gluten breads are not worth it….New Grains Is my Bread Choice !!!

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