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The benefits of buying your favorite New Grains Gluten Free products local are many. Especially not having to wait nor pay shipping. So help us help you! In doing so we will offer a VERY special offer. Click special offer below for more details

Special Offer


  • Hartley K. Nelson () Reply ·

    I have just printed off your ‘special offer’ which I hope to leave at the “Fresh and Natural” Store in Shoreview MN ( a suburb of St. Paul) where I shop whenever I get into the cities. I also printed off another which I will leave in St.Croix Falls WI near where I live (They were just bought by Coburns, a Mpls-St Paul Company. That would be even better for me. I am very anxious to try your bread, but shipping rates deter me. [The referral line, is that for my name and email? Or someone on staff at the store?]

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      Yes Hartley! Thank you for the question. And thank you for the willingness to take that to those stores. We appreciate it greatly!

  • Hartley Nelson () Reply ·

    I inquired before but cannot find the email response which I want to show to a prospective buyer. Are your products bromine/bromide free? As bromine displaces iodine, having a thyroid disorder, I want to avoid bromine as much or more than gluten. I have been told packaging usually will indicate “bromine free” products. Pepperidge breads do. Please let me know for sure.

    MarketPlace in St. Croix Falls WI was recently bought by Coburns in St. Paul/Mpls. I do not know about St. Michaels, but I hope Ms Carlson will also give their buyer a referral. Two will speak louder than one.

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      I am not exactly sure how to find out for 100% certain if our products contain Bromide. However, from the research I have done on our products and their packaging it appears that none of them are labeled as containing such ingredients. We personally grind our grains fresh daily here at our facility and do not use Bromide as an ingredient or a sub-ingredient of other products we use. If we find any additional information we will let you know as soon as we get that in. Thank you, New Grains.

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