Our Team

We are New Grains Gluten Free Bakery

Nicole Lawson
Nicole Lawson – President/Founder

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Tim Lawson
Tim Lawson – Founder

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Dana Facemyer
Dana Facemyer – Corporate Counsel

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Casandra Bradley – CEO

Jessica Boyer – Shipping Manager

Hannah Solomon – Office Manager

McKenzie Palmer – Production Manager

Roosbel Escobar – Distribution Manager


  • Lisa Millett () Reply ·

    love you products they are soooo good they could quickly be addictive!thanks for making something that i can eat your products are great!

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      Thank you for the comment Lisa. We are excited to hear that you love them. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for questions or concerns. Thanks again

  • Kenneth () Reply ·

    I would like to see your products in Dallas, TX. Any chance of that happening? There are two good local bakeries, but they have complimentary product lines and don’t have many of your products.

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      We would love to see our products in Texas. We have a program for this sort of thing, if you print the forms we have on our website and take them to the manager of the store you would like to see our products in and they order from us, we give you $20 of free products from our website. Or you can send us the contact information and we can call them. We are good either way. Let us know what you would like to do.
      Thank you!

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      Hello Donna, yes it is. They freeze very well. In fact that’s how some grocery stores store them is in the frozen section.

  • Lee Smith from Nevada () Reply ·

    Still shocked and saddened about Tim. I’ve known you guys via emails for a long time, and I hope you will be able to keep going with the business without him. I wish I could be a better customer (like order
    $1000 a day ) Exceptionally good products are a plus for you to be able to keep it going!
    Good luck and hang in there.

    since this is personal, you don’t have to display it if you don’t want to?.

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      Thank you so much for your concern and encouragement! We are doing great business wise and we owe that to all we were taught by Tim. You are a great customer – size of the order doesn’t matter it’s the loyalty and kindness that makes a good customer!

      Thank you,
      New Grains Family

  • Cara O'Sullivan () Reply ·

    It’s be great if your store were open till 6 p.m. or for a few hours on Saturday for those of us who work. Trying to get to your store one day!

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      We have tried extended hours on weekdays and Saturdays for several months, but unfortunately never had enough demand during those times. Please not that our products are carried in the Macey’s and Harmon’s in the area.
      New Grains

  • Elizabeth () Reply ·

    Just had my first experience with your bread–the sourdough–which I haven’t gotten to eat in over a year since my celiac diagnosis. It was awesome! I LOVED sourdough and was so so sad when I had to give it up. So many companies are making gluten-free breads sold in the store and they’re awful! This is real bread! Do you sell your products in any stores in or around Phoenix? I ordered these loaves online and would like to avoid shipping next time. Thanks!!

    • New Grains () Reply ·

      We are so happy to hear that you have enjoyed our product. Unfortunately, we do not have product in any stores outside of Utah. However, if you order over $48, the shipping is free. Our bread does freeze well for up to 90 days if you choose to order in bulk. We hope this helps.

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